A New Adventure

Hey everyone! My name is Bella and I’m so excited to begin this blog. I’m hoping that it not only lets me share my thoughts and creativity, but that it will inspire others to be creative and to try something new as well!


This is Me!

So… Why don’t I start by introducing myself! As said before my name is Isabella Hayward-Mullett but I like to go by Bella. Oh and guess what… I’M MARRIED! Did you notice the hyphen? (More to come later)! I am 21 years old, and currently a senior studying Outdoor Leadership and Education at Toccoa Falls College in North East Georgia. I am a follower of God. I’d like to say that I am a pretty spunky, outgoing, caring, creative, and intelligent woman. I love being creative, being in the outdoors, relaxing with close friends/family and singing!

I am originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I was born and raised. I have an amazing Mom and Dad, and a sister who is my best friend. Back home on the Cape I have two dogs, two cats and two fish. We have one more kitty that we rescued and is currently under the care of an amazing couple from “It’s All About The Animals.” We are so excited that will be adopting him in May!!!

Now for the good stuff…. Thats right the wedding details!


On January 1st, 2017 I married the love of my life! His name is Trent Mullett. He is 28 years old and is also a senior studying Outdoor Leadership and Education at Toccoa Falls College. I’m beyond blessed to have this amazing man by my side. He is everything I dreamt about as a child. The wedding was beautiful, it was small and cozy at my camp from back home, Camp Lyndon. We had about 100 of our closest friends and family attend and that was something so special for the both of us. After we said our “I do’s” We stayed the night at the beautiful Chatham Bars Inn. The next night we drove up to Lincoln, NH to see the incredible Ice Castles. It was so cool, almost like a fairy tail.


A few days later we made the long drive from Massachusetts to Clearwater, Florida where Trent and his family are from. There, we had a second ceremony/reception as a celebration of our recent marriage for Trent’s friends and family that were not able to make it up North. We had about another 100 people celebrating there with us. From there Trent and I drove a short drive over to Disney world!!! We spent a week there having so much fun, after all it is the happiest place in the world….


It was so nice to be able to celebrate  for so long with all of our loved ones! It was almost as if we were celebrating from December 25th (Trent’s Birthday)-January 13th (the end of our honeymoon)!

Well, that’s me in a nutshell! I hope you enjoy what this blog will become and that it can be an inspiration for you to to do something new for a change!



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