My Lip Gloss Be Poppin…

Everyone needs a good lip gloss. And ladies let’s face it… Most of the time they taste gross and are too sticky. Usually when I’m wearing it and go to give my hubby a kiss he’s like “Heck no… I don’t want to be shiny” I’m sure that I am not the only one who gets this reaction.

Well… FEAR NO MORE! I have finally found the best lip gloss that I have ever put on my precious lips. It is called Vanilla Birthday Cake Lip Shine by Philosophy.


My Mom sent this to me for my birthday along with the Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash by Philosophy (which is also another amazing product).  How cute is she for that?! She said “I wasn’t able to make you a real cake this year and I wanted to get you something just as good!” I was so excited to give this stuff a try!

This is now by far my new favorite lip gloss. It isn’t too sticky or smelly. It tastes like vanilla, and not the crappy fake flavoring kind of vanilla, it’s the good stuff. My lips feel noticeably softer after wearing it. This lip gloss has the perfect amount of shine to it. I hate when lip gloss makes your lips look like one big glare in pictures. This particular lip gloss has a great balance between shine with just a little shimmer. It is a yellow color in the tube but goes on clear.

20170130_165451This is me making a silly face with it because I LOVE it so much!

Even my hubby loves it…. on me, that is!

The set of the body wash and the lip gloss is only $20.00 on philosophy’s site. The Lip Gloss alone is only $5.50 right now (usually it’s $10.00), so ladies…. grab your purses and go get this gem! It’s worth the purchase!

Lip Gloss:

Lip Gloss and body wash set:



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