Today was one of those days where I really wanted to be comfy at work/school but I also wanted to look nice. Rushing to get out of the door, I ran to my closet and grabbed one of my favorite skirts, my new cardi and a black tee. I couldn’t forget a little something to jazz it all up, So I threw on a necklace that matched perfectly!

This is how it came out:


Not too shabby, if I don’t say so myself!

Now let’s talk a bit about what I’m wearing. Being in college and being married recently means I have a very limited budget. A benefit of this is that I could probably be considered the best bargain hunter in town. Just last week I did a little online shopping. Dangerous… I know. But, I managed to get amazing deals at Old Navy. I was blown away. Part of those deals was this cardi and black tee that I’m wearing!

I have to be one of the most picky people when it comes to clothing. If it isn’t soft, it won’t be in my closet. I have long arms and a longer torso and I always have the hardest time finding sweaters long enough. I’m also very curvy so it’s hard to find something pleasing in all areas.

When my package came in I was scared to try on all my new clothes for the first time, knowing how picky I am. To my surprise, everything fit perfectly, especially this cardi! I love cardigans. They are the perfect addition to almost any outfit. This one in particular is from Old Navy. It’s extremely soft and the sleeves are the perfect length. It’s lightweight so I wasn’t hot wearing it.


Layering is so important here in Ga, this time of year. Early in the mornings it’s in the 30’s but by lunch time it’s in the mid 60’s. Also with running between classes and work, I’m bound to have a hot flash somewhere in there. I loved having this T-shirt on under my cardi. It’s a black V-neck also from Old Navy. I also loved the scoop cut bottom of this shirt. It made it flowey and cute.


This skirt is from Tj Maxx! I bought it a few years ago to wear in Togo, West Africa on a missions trip I attended. I loved it then and I love it now. It is a very soft flowey cotton with a rather exotic tribal print.

The necklace I am wearing is from Togo! I bought it from a woman selling it on the street. she clearly did not have much, but she did have some amazing pieces of jewelry that she made. It is one of my favorite necklaces because to me it symbolizes so many things; missions, poverty, adventure, beauty, and health.

So thats todays outfit featuring my amazing cardi from Old Navy!

Now in other news look at this rooster!!!!


Someone waddled over and decided he wanted to photo bomb. Trent and I had a little fun with it.



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