Face Mask

Face Mask Review! 

Who loves face masks? I sure do! Usually I like to make my face masks from scratch but when I’m in a rush and need to brighten or clear up my face in a hurry, I have this one face mask that I cling to, actually I guess it clings to me 😉 I absolutely love this mask it’s light and not damaging to my super sensitive skin. A huge bonus is that there are no colored dyes in it, it goes on clear.


I absolutely love this mask it’s light and not damaging to my super sensitive skin. It is called  Brightening Peel Mask by Quick Fix Facials. My bridesmaids put together an adorable honeymoon bag for me and this was one of the goodies they included in it!


Here is me before! Be warned, I look like a goofball and I have a pimple on my face.


 This is right when I put it on, as you can see it’s clear and very thin.


 5-10 minutes later it looks like this. It should not be sticky to the touch and you should start to see it lifting from the edges of your face. Then just peel it off! It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s not one of those masks that rips every little peach fuzz hair off your face. Infact I can barely feel it coming off.


Give your face a quick rinse to wash away pieces of the mask you may have missed.


After your face should be brighter and have a more even skin tone!

This stuff is amazing, I really enjoy it. The bottle says that you’ll get 10 facials out of it, but honestly I have used it way more than that and it’s still more than half full so it is definitely worth your buy.

Here is the Link to buy it on Amazon!:

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