Riding Boots

Comfy days are the best days!

Yesterday was such a great day. I got to work on a few projects and write some new posts for my blog! I’m having so much fun being able to express myself in this way. What’s even more amazing is that I can share my love for Jesus and what He is putting on my heart. I’m so thankful for that.

So, enough about me and on to my outfit.

Here’s what I had on: a black T, a scarf and a grey vest from Old Navy, black jeans from Gap, and riding boots from Guess.

I really love this outfit because it’s just comfy and casual, but it still looks put together. It’s amazing that you can be so comfy and still be partially dressed up at the same time. Granted, my hair is in a ponytail and I have no makeup on. But who has time for that stuff every day anyway ;p

Now, my favorite part of this outfit is my boots. They have kind of a funny story behind them too.

Trent knew that I have wanted a pair of leather riding boots for a long time, so he decided to get them for me for Christmas! I was so excited to try them on, they were my size… but they were way too tight. So a few days after Christmas we went to Macy’s to exchange them and they said they would have to ship them to me. Fast forward 3 weeks later, they finally came in. Can you guess what happened next? Well one boot was too big, one boot was too small. At this point I was a bit discouraged so I let them sit in their box for nearly 4 more weeks waiting to take them back to Macy’s (which is an hour away). Then, just for the heck of it, last week I decided to try them on. Can you believe it? They fit perfectly, like they were hand crafted for my feet. I don’t know what happened when they were sitting in the box all month, but I’m sure glad they fit me now!

(In all reality, I was probably on my feet that whole day running around work and school and my feet were most likely just swollen. I still can’t believe I let them sit for so long!!!)

Well there’s my story about the time my feet were two completely different sizes.

I hope you enjoyed it 😉

I love these boots so much. But even more, I love the man who got them for me!

I hope that from these pictures people can realize that you can still be beautiful without loads of makeup and expensive clothing. I know it’s hard to imagine,  especially in the judgemental world we live in. But, beauty comes from within! Sometimes it’s just nice to feel pretty on the outside too!

Don’t get me wrong, I wake up plenty of days thinking that I look gross. But, every day I’m reminded by Trent that I am more than beautiful to Him and to God.

I read Psalm 139 almost every day. If someone asked me my favorite bible passage, it would be that one. It speaks all about identity. I suggest you go check it out! This passage has helped me realize my beauty is found through the Lord, not through my looks.

Have a wonderful day everyone, and remember that you are beautiful! 

Bella Hayward-Mullet


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