Influenster Ivy Vox Box

Do you love free stuff?  Well I sure do. Last year I found this awesome app called influenster. Through it you can read And write great reviews on almost any products: food, beauty, health, pet. It’s really great to reference if you’re questioning whether or not to buy something.

The more reviews you write, you have a higher chance receive a Vox Box. They are filled with different goodies that you can review and share pictures of and get more likely to be eligible to receive more boxes in the future!

This week I got my Ivy Vox Box. It included ChapStic products, African Black facial soap, a Gillette Venus razor, Trolli Crawlers, and a foot soak from 7th Heaven.

I have to say I really love getting presents in the mail. This is a fun way to get cool products, and let people know how the work; if you loved it or hated it.

Go check out the app it’s awesome!


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