Lip Mask

Okay everyone today I’m going to tell you about the time I put this awkwardly squishy thing on my lips. Yes, you heard me correctly.


Recently I tried a lip mask by Jean Pierre Cosmetics and let me just say it was one weird experience. The lip mask was this little slimy pink thing that was shaped like a huge pair of lips. I was excited to put this lip mask on because in the winter I often struggle with cracked and split lips, and I was hoping this lip mask would bring moisture back into my lips as it advertized.


Putting it on was interesting. The lip mask was awkwardly slimy, cold, and hard to position on my lips. It didn’t really stay on my lips very well so I had to sit on the couch with my head back and keep fixing it and putting back on my lips the right way. Next time I’ll make sure to put it on and just not move any where so it stays.


Let’s just say that I was pretty excited to get this thing off my face. I am an extremely texture oriented person, and this mask went against all of my earthly instincts to keep it on. That being said, it was to my surprise how soft my lips were when I took the mask off. I felt like they were completely rehydrated and smooth again.


My lips were looking so good that I had to put on my new lipgloss by Hikari.

Overall this experience was one I was not expecting but I may be doing this again to prevent my lips from cracking in the future because it definitely did what they said it would do!


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