African Black Facial Bar

Recently I received a Facial bar from Nubian Heritage and guess what… IT WAS BLACK! Yeah, completely black! I was really scared to use it because it smelt very strong and I have a pretty bad allergy to most fragrant soap bars. Weird allergy I know. But I kept my distance from it (just in case) and let my Husband try the soap for me!!!


His first comment when he took it out of the box was “wow that’s strong!” but he said that as soon as he wet the bar like the directions said the smell faded a little. Here’s his before picture:


Check out the Pictures of him with the soap all over his face. I think he had fun with this….


He actually had some good things to say about the soap too! He told me that “his face felt really clean” after using it and that “it made his face feel soft”.  In other words, that bar did a great job at exfoliating his face. There are little pieces of oatmeal  in the bar that did the job pretty well! On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) he would give the Nubian Heritage Black African Facial Bar a 7! Not too shabby!


I don’t think I’ll be using the bar, but I’m sure he will use it a lot more after seeing his facial expressions!!!

Ps… Isn’t he handsome?


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