Why Fall is My Favorite Season

I LOVE FALL. This is no secret. This post is all about why I love this Season SO much, and how you can love it too!

1. The trees change to the most beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red🍂

Living in New England allows me to see the most beautiful combination of colors on trees all around me! There is something so magical about the change from green to yellow to orange and red.

2. Apple cider is the best drink ever. ☕️

Do I really need to explain more? I love apple cider. Hot, iced, spiked, it’s all so good. Apple Cider warms my heart and calms my mind.

3. The best day is spent apple picking. 🍎

Apple picking has to be one of my favorite things to go do on a cool fall day. bundling up in my favorite flannel and beanie hat, I often go apple picking with close family and friends. The greatest part about apple picking is all of the amazing yummy things you can do with your apples! (I smell another post coming on soon!)

4. Choosing the perfect pumpkin for carving Jack-O-Lanterns at pumpkin patches. 🎃

Pumpkin patches are so much fun, you get to look through hundreds of pumpkins to find  the best ones for your front porch! Carving pumpkins is also a great project to do with family, friends, and small children! While I carve my pumpkins, I like to toast the seeds to make a yummy snack to bring to school or work!

5. There’s nothing like a good haunted hay ride. 🌾

Gathering a big group of friends to go to a haunted hay ride is so much fun! Even though I am a rather big scaredy-cat, I love a good hay ride. The spooky stories, the smell of hay, and the occasional mini-heart attack you get when someone jumps out of nowhere, are all some of the quintessential parts of haunted hay rides.

6. Petting animals on farms! 🐄

If you haven’t noticed, animals are my favorite. Sometimes I find my self loving them maybe a little too much. Jk that couldn’t ever happen. I love that in the fall many farms open up their gates so that the community can come pet and feed the goats, chickens, cows, and alpacas! There is something so peaceful about spending time with the animals. Even better, lots of farms are looking for weekend volunteers! This is a great way to help out your community while enjoying the company of beautiful creatures!

7. Eating all of the apple cider donuts… 🍩

Who doesn’t love a good, moist, apple cider donut?! The best ones I’ve had are fresh from a local farm! These goodies are perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack!

8. Rowing regattas are held every weekend in October. 🚣🏻

Fall grants the start of a new rowing season! This season will be exceptionally fun because I’ll be Coaching for great new team! What fun would rowing be with out regattas?! Some of the things I look forward to at regattas are the water, the teams, the oars, the boats, and the competition

9. Comfy Cozy Cute Clothes!

If I could dress for fall year round I totally would. I love the warm colors, and even the warm clothes! My fall wardrobe must-haves are plaid shirts, sweaters, nice jeans, vests, cute booties, and chunky necklaces! (more to come on this later!)

10. FOOTBALL season comes back (Go Pats!) !!!  🏈 

Only 7 days ’till kick off y’all! I know I’ll be sitting on my couch with a big bowl of popcorn, rooting on my boys! When you can’t afford Patriots tickets… the next best thing is getting family and friends together for a little Patriots Game Day Party! (Check out my blog next week for how to throw a killer Pats Party!)

11. Camping and Hiking 

Being an Outdoor Education Major, I live for Camping. I love getting completely disconnected from the world, and focusing on the here and now in the beautiful creation around me! The sounds of nature all around me in the woods has the power to make me forget all of my woes and it allows me to re-center and start focusing on the things of life that really matter. While you can camp or hike year round, it is especially great in the fall because of the cool weather and beautiful leaves! With that said, folks, go get yourself outside!





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