Lipsense… The Liquid Lipstick that will change your world… (GIVEAWAY)

Alright y’all… I have to tell you about something that has truly blown my mind!!! A few months ago I held an event for multiple different vendors. It was such a fun day, and in all reality I shopped more than I sold, but it was so worth it. One of the first things I did was go over to check out the Lipsense table. Now, just the week before I was so angry that I couldn’t find a lipstick that stayed on. I was literally yelling because my lipstick was on my cup, my food and my teeth. I was so fed up that I said I’d never wear it again. Ok, fast forward back to the Lipsense table. Meghan, the lovely Lipsence consultant, told me that I had to try this stuff out. She said it lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. I probably said something back to her like “pfft… yeah right, I don’t believe it!” But get this, she gave me a gloss and a color to try and I fell in love!!!! It lasted the whole event, through my lunch and even through dinner. It stayed on for almost 12 hours before I took it off for bed!!! It felt like an answered prayer that I finally found a lip color that actually doesn’t smudge or fade or anything like that!


I loved it so much I had to get 2 more colors! So far, I now own the Glossy Gloss, Fire ‘n Ice, Aussie Rose, and Bella (I know… that’s why I had to get it)! I also have my eyes on the matte gloss! My mom has it and I am dying to try it!


This is no joke y’all the magic is in the gloss! If you want your lips to be fly all day you should reapply your gloss a few times throughout the day!!


Lipsense is easy to apply, and lasts all day!!! What could be better than that?! When I say lasts all day I literally mean it lasts all day. sometimes 2 days…. If I forget to take off my Lipsnese before bed, sometimes when I wake up, my hubby is taken back because my lips are on point but nothing else is yet! lol


So, you may be thinking if this stuff lasts all day how the heck can it be removed? The Ooops Remover is amazing!! It is designed to remove your lip color with very little work on your part! If you don’t have the Ooops Remover you can also use a little bit of coconut oil!


Fall is here and I’m STOKED to add some of these gorgeous fall inspired colors to my collection!!!! If you want to get in on this awesomeness I encourage you to contact my great friend Meghan Wagner! Here’s her info!!!



Instagram- @misfit_makeup_chick


Now for the moment you have all been waiting for!


My amazing Best friend Leanne and I are both teaming up with Meghan to do a Mega Box Gievaway! This giveaway will be so awesome! We will be stuffing one box with multiple goodies for one lucky winner! This giveaway runs from Friday, Sept. 1, 2017 -Wednesday Sept. 6, 2017! A winner will be drawn Wednesday night!!!


Heres how you can enter!

  1. Follow @misfit_makeup_chick, @bellas_boutique__, and @stylebyleanne on Instagram!
  2. Like this picture on each of our pages.
  3. Tag a friend in the comments of one post to enter!

Check out Style By Leanne’s Blog HERE. Leanne is fashionista beauty blogger who is on top of all things fashion and beauty! She too is reviewing the amazing Lipsense, make sure to give it a read!


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